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Reason for Male Breast Enlargement
Posted on: January 31st, 2015

Reason for Male Breast Enlargement

You will probably be alarmed once you see your chest area losing its natural tone and beginning to swell up. Men have a lot less breast tissue than women, so it is quite noticeable when there is breast enlargement. Many different reasons can cause this, including gynecomastia or abnormal enlargement of breast tissue in men due to hormones and other issues. Here is a closer look at these common reasons for breast swelling among males.


First is gynecomastia, which usually happens in male babies and pubertal boys but can also strike in fully grown adults. The size increase is related to growth of breast tissue rather than fat from obesity. It can manifest in one or both breasts, and may be present with a small lump beneath the nipple. Gynecomastia can occur not just due to hormone imbalance, but also other factors such as medications, substance abuse, and kidney and liver disease.

Breast Infection and Cysts

Another breast enlargement cause in men is breast infection, which usually causes swelling due to invading immune cells to fight the infection. Extra fluid, too, can build up around the infection site, and come with breast tenderness. Cysts, too, are suspect – these enclosed pockets of tissue are typically filled with fluid but may also contain another material. Swelling and tenderness may accompany a large cyst; the lump usually feels like a soft grape.

Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer, finally, accounts for some cases of breast enlargement in men. Male breast cancer cases make up less than one percent of all breast cancer cases, but can be a real threat. It comes with a red, swollen, and abnormally warm breast. The swelling results from cancerous cells blocking the lymph vessels in the breast skin.

Get to the root of the condition before you choose the best solution for male breast swelling. You can ask your doctor about supplementing with a high-quality gynecomastia supplement, for instance, to benefit from herbal and nutritional action. Work with your healthcare provider for more ways to facilitate male breast reduction the safe, effective way.

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