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Male Tips: How to Achieve an Orgasm
Posted on: December 20th, 2014

Male Tips - How to Achieve an Orgasm

Before choosing a sexual enhancement method to go with, let’s pay attention to the Big O: your ability to achieve an orgasm. It’s a fact of life that no matter how in the mood or excited you are for the lovemaking, you cannot really force an earth-shaking climax to take place. An orgasm does not occur at will and can be a no-show no matter what you do. It’s bad enough to not get hard enough to initiate the sex; it’s much more disheartening to not get the orgasm you have prepared for.

There are various factors that affect your ability to achieve an orgasm. One tip here is the more pressure you put on yourself to get one, the more orgasm will evade you. It’s technically called anorgasmia when you are unable to achieve an orgasm. One important aspect is your emotional health – if you are “lacking,” uncertain of how good you are in the lovemaking, and suffering from relationship strain or concerns, you feel more anxious and less connected in sex. As a result, it is difficult to get and stay erect, as well as get an orgasm.

Note, however, that at certain point in your life you may find it hard to orgasm. This could be brought about by stress, relationship problems, drug abuse, and overconsumption of alcohol. There’s also depression, psychological issues, injury and trauma, and hormone imbalance. At a greater risk of failing to orgasm are those with prostate issues, obesity, and other underlying medical issues.

But it’s not a totally hopeless case if you can’t find yourself getting this crucial part of bedroom action. You can win the struggle through different natural means, such as the following:

  1. Relax! Conquer the emotional blocks and distractions that are getting in your way, and instead devote your time and effort to enjoying the sexual energy and passion.
  2. Employ or get touch therapy, which includes getting a sensual massage to be able to connect more deeply with your partner.
  3. Extend the foreplay. There are 101 ways to explore parts of your partner’s mouth, tongue, fingers, and other hot spots for intimate pleasure. Foreplay can effectively set the mood and environment for the best sex you can ever have.
  4. Imagine things! Fantasize together about the best sexual scenarios. Role-play with each other. Whether you’re the predator or prey, take time to explore new positions and experimental moves in bed.
  5. Seek the help you need, with can come in the form of psychological counseling, increased communication with your partner, using sex toys, or even consulting with your health care provider for the right diagnosis and treatment of your sexual difficulty.