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Male Breast Reduction: Step by Step
Posted on: September 21st, 2013


For men who have gynecomastia or abnormal breast tissue enlargement, being shirtless or wearing really tight clothing can be a source of fear or embarrassment. The huge appearance of their chest, which is a female characteristic, can be truly unnerving. If you have this condition and want so badly to lose man boobs, know that you can remedy the situation by modifying your diet, exercising regularly, and following smart lifestyle choices.

Here are specific steps to take to fight gynecomastia effectively – and naturally:

  • Train regularly and effectively. Your chest is composed of two muscles that work as a single unit. Training it effectively means targeting every angle of the muscle. Add chest workouts to your comprehensive body workout routine, as this will increase lean muscle mass and decrease the overall fat percentage in your body. Combine strength training (with chest-targeting exercises) with a healthful diet and cardiovascular exercises for effective body fat loss and toning.

    Train your pectoral muscles twice every week. Target exercises include incline pushups, decline chest presses, and bench presses. Lift heavy resistance, too, with completing the last set of each routine being very challenging. As for full-body workouts (ideally three times a week), you can do walking lunges for your legs, pull-ups for your back, and hammer curls for your biceps. Add overhead presses and lateral raises, too. There should be moderately heavy resistance that will make the last few reps difficult to finish.
  • Eat the right foods to complement your workout efforts, encouraging growth of muscle and facilitating fat loss. Recommended choices include vegetables, fruits, healthy fats like raw nuts and olive oil, lean meats, poultry, and fish. Avoid processed foods like the plague, as they are high in sodium, sweeteners, and unwanted preservatives.
  • Go for five to six small meals a day to feed your muscles and increase your metabolism. Make sure you have an optimal serving of protein and carbohydrates for every meal.
  • Get off of alcohol and other substances. There are 101 ways that vices or bad habits can work against you and your health, and gynecomastia is one of them. Dramatically reduce or eliminate alcohol, and avoid marijuana, heroin, amphetamines, and many other illegal cocktails. Do it not just for male breast reduction, but also for your liver, brain health, and overall well-being!

High-quality gynecomastia pills and other supplement forms are also available to optimize your efforts to lose man boobs fast and naturally. When all else fails, surgery should only be your last resort. Talk to your doctor for the best treatment option for your case.

Keep posted because we’ve got a lot more in store for your gynecomastia treatment and prevention plans.