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How to Do Male Breast Massage
Posted on: February 27th, 2015

How to Do Male Breast Massage

Massage therapy also works in men’s breasts, just like in women’s. You can simply go to a massage therapist and have a simple oil massage. Another option is to use a foam roller to give yourself a deep tissue massage. Here are three breast massage techniques you can do to give male breasts a relaxing, therapeutic time.

  1. Pectoral fan – Fanning method is a basic massage stroke that is often used in Swedish-style massage. To do it, stand to the left side of the patient lying on a massage table. Use your thumbs and start on the side of the sternum opposite where you are standing. Work your way up diagonally toward his right shoulder. With a circular motion, move your thumbs in an outward way. Alternate so that each thumb replaces the other. Bring your thumbs back to the sternum and slightly above starting position, repeating the fan motion parallel to the diagonal line that was just fanned. Repeat on his right side.
  2. Percussion – This is where you tap or chop the body lightly for increased blood flow. Use it on a man’s chest, or have him do it on his own. Using your fingertips, tap the chest in a point like a beak, fast hitting the left and right alternatively. Loose fists can be an option, too. When a man does this on his own, he pounds his chest, just like Tarzan does, pointing all around the chest.
  3. Foam rolling the pecs – A foam roller is a self-massage tool that can be used on the chest. Follow the same line as the pectoral fan, but use the foam roller to compress the pecs instead of using another person’s finger. Lie face down on the floor, placing the foam roller to the right side of the sternum (placed diagonally with the top end pointing at the left shoulder). Propel yourself forward with your arms and legs, making the foam roller move up toward your right shoulder. Repeat on the left side, stopping at any adhesions and holding until the pain decreases.

Keep posted for more men’s wellness advice, as well as tips to fight gynecomastia and maintain a healthy, flat, toned chest appearance.