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Expert Tips to Hide Man Boobs
Posted on: September 9th, 2013

Gynecomastia or man boobs usually do not cause pain, but they can be a source of embarrassment and social discomfort for both young boys and grownup men. The condition is usually caused by off-balanced hormones, where your testosterone levels are diminished and your estrogen levels are raised. Gynecomastia can resolve within a few months without treatment, but who says you can’t hide your man boobs in the meantime?

While you wait for male breast reduction, you probably need to hide your enlarged chest. You can do this by choosing the right clothes and look. Here are some handy tips you can choose:

  • Wear a tight T-shirt or a chest binder undershirt underneath your actual shirt. The latter is made of reinforced cloth, which compresses your chest to cause a flat appearance.
  • Wrap a gauze bandage tightly around your chest area. Be sure, though, that it’s not too tight as to cause pain and physical discomfort. Use enough gauze to flatten your chest, but be sure to avoid that lumpy look linked to using too much of it. If you don’t have gauze, an ankle bandage wrap will do instead.
  • Choose a dark-colored shirt – it will make your chest area look slimmer than it actually is!
  • Wear a sleeved-over shirt (either short or long sleeves) that’s one size larger than you would normally wear. It helps hide your chest. Avoid wearing a tank top, on the other hand, because the armpit area of a sleeveless shirt fails to fully cover the sides of your chest.
  • Go for a shirt with a high neckline instead of a V-neckline, as the latter points down toward your chest and brings the focus to your man boobs.
  • Wear a sweater, jacket, or vest, over your shirt to provide an extra measure to conceal your breasts.
  • Try patterned shirts, as complex patterns sometimes do a good job of camouflaging a swollen chest area.
  • Avoid wearing necklaces, as they bring the focus to your chest area.

As for male breast reduction, seek a special supplement for weight loss that has been created for men who struggle to lose excess fat in their chest area, also known as their man breasts. Common natural ingredients include green tea leaf extract, cayenne, and cocoa extract, to name a few.

Keep posted for more news and updates on efficient male breast reduction through safe, natural means.