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Exercises to Remove Excess Chest Fat
Posted on: December 16th, 2013


Chest fat is commonly known as “man boobs,” and it’s quite an understatement to say that it is unsightly. It could cause discomfort and embarrassment, as excess chest fat translates to a look of breast enlargement in men, giving a female appearance in their upper body. Among the reasons why men begin to work out is to lose chest fat – which can also mean to lose man boobs.

Exercises like strength training and cardio – paired with good nutrition – can eliminate chest fat effectively. Here are some exercises to try to remove excess chest fat and flatten and tone your chest area.

  • Dumbbell chest fly – This is the best way to isolate your chest or pectoralis major. Place your body in a supine position (on your back) on an exercise bench. Your arms should be straight and vertical to the floor. Hold the dumbbells together over the mid line of your chest. Slowly, allow your dumbbells to separate. Slightly bend your elbows and move the dumbbells downward. Keep your arms fairly straight during the downward motion. Stop the downward action once your upper arms are past parallel with your chest.

    Avoid bringing the dumbbells too low, as it will cause a strain in your shoulder. After a quick pause, bring the dumbbells in an upward arc toward your mid line. Stop them just before they touch. Do as many reps as your form allows.
  • Barbell incline chest press – the upper or middle segment of your chest is the main muscle used in an incline chest press, which is slightly upright. Place your spine back against the incline bench, then grab the barbell palms up, just outside the shoulders. Push the barbell upward off the rack in order to secure it. Begin the downward action with a continuous bending in your elbows. Hold the bar once a right angle of your arm (90 degrees of your elbow) is achieved. Press the bar upward until your elbows are fully extended, which means arms straight. Avoid too much arching in your lower spine. Continue doing these steps until you reach the desired number of reps.

You can also use an upper body ergometer, an aerobic machine creating an anterior (in front) circular arm motion. An upper body ergometer can burn energy five to six days a week and help dissipate fat tissue in your chest. Your arm movement can be forward or backward and enhance mobility of your upper extremity. Find this machine in exercise centers or physical therapy clinics.

If you suspect you have gynecomastia or abnormal breast enlargement in men, seek your doctor’s advice and the proper treatment plan to lose man boobs.