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Dietary Tips in Fighting Gynecomastia
Posted on: September 4th, 2013

No man probably wants a pair of man boobs, and perhaps intends to lose it right away not just for cosmetic improvement but also to avoid certain side effects. Gynecomastia is what this condition is called – it produced swelled breast tissue in men because of hormonal imbalances. It usually occurs during puberty, but can also occur during adulthood. There are gynecomastia cases that resolve on their own, but there are also those that need surgical intervention.

Therefore, wouldn’t you want to prevent gynecomastia through a healthful and appropriate diet? Here are some tips:

  1. Eat zinc-rich foods. Because increasing your testosterone levels may be the key, you should consume foods high in zinc. In a study, it is suggested that a low zinc level in the blood translates to a lower testosterone level. Your zinc-rich choices include beef, lamb, pork, dark chicken meat, legumes, and peanuts. Adult males older than 14 years of age need more zinc.
  2. Boost your lean protein intake. Add lean protein to your meals to aid in male breast reduction and address gynecomastia. Protein sources include meats (chicken and turkey, for instance) and whey protein. They provide protein and rev up your metabolism, helping burn fat and decrease fat quantities in your breasts as a result. Lean protein will definitely promote healthy muscle growth if you’re exercising to bulk up.
  3. Go for organic meats. The first two dietary tips include meats, so why not get them in organic varieties? Hormones that are used to produce larger animals with more meat on their bones have been pinpointed not only for increased breast cancer risk, but also the phenomenon of early puberty. These sex hormones may affect your level of testosterone and estrogen in the body, which can cause gynecomastia. Buy certified organic meats from local farmers.
  4. Reduce your alcohol intake and avoid substance abuse. Studies show that sometimes, breast tissue enlargement in men is caused by alcohol consumption and taking drugs such as amphetamines, heroin, and marijuana. Young males, the segment of the population typically affected by gynecomastia, abuse alcohol intake and even take illegal drugs.

You need not take drastic measures right away to lose man boobs and reverse gynecomastia. Keep posted for expert resources on this male condition and prevent/treat it in no time!