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3 Common Effects of Excess Estrogen on Male Health
Posted on: February 7th, 2015

3 Common Effects of Excess Estrogen on Male Health

Estrogen can affect the male body and its functioning in numerous ways. This hormone can be found in small amounts in men’s bodies, too, but it is produced mainly and in much bigger amounts by the ovaries of women. It is also created in fat cells in both sexes. Estrogen signals to tissues containing cells producing the estrogen receptor, which binds to circulating estrogen and activates a signal within cells. Men’s estrogen levels can increase as a result of a hormone imbalance or health condition such as obesity.

Here are three common effects of high estrogen in men:

  1. Gynecomastia – This is the abnormal enlargement of male breast tissue, and it can go beyond being a cosmetic issue. Male breast tissue contains some glandular tissue that does not grow fully into breasts. This small amount reacts to circulating estrogen, growing and proliferating. Gynecomastia is separate from mere breast enhancement from fatty deposits in obese or overweight men. gynecomastia can resolve on its own but can stay for up to about two years (or until the hormone problem resolves), so an option like a high-quality gynecomastia pill can be explored.
  2. Male infertility – Sterility can happen because of low semen production, poor sperm count or motility, or with sperm unable to survive inside the vagina to successfully fertilize the egg. Exposure to estrogen has been seen to lead to decreased levels of FSH, which is crucial for sperm maturation. In addition, fetal exposure to estrogen leads to reduced sertoli cells, which typically supports sperm production.
  3. Prostate cancer – There could also be increased risk for this condition with excess estrogen in the male body. Your prostate, a small gland that is found anterior to your rectum, is part of the male reproductive function and releases prostate fluid that partly makes up ejaculate. Cells in this gland respond to circulating hormones, which means prolonged estrogen levels (along with estrogen-mimicking chemicals) can increase prostate cancer risk. It is seen in studies, too, that prostate cancer patients have significantly higher levels of environmental estrogens.

It is very important to identify the symptoms of these conditions and of high estrogen levels in your system. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment, and optimize your testosterone levels through diet and even herbal supplementation. Keep reading this blog for more of these men’s health and wellness updates!